Social Media:
     Facebook is NOT Your Diary
       Tammy Chatman
As the number of active users of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites continues to grow, so do the concerns regarding what these social media platforms do with your personal information. Do those of us who are utilizing social media on a daily basis need to be concerned? What are the long term repercussions of an online “misstep”? This presentation will provide the attendees with practical information and guidance on how to safely engage in the use of social media without jeopardizing their future opportunities, employment and relationships.
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     Free Speech, Social Media & the County/Government Employee
       Sheriff Nate Dreckman
       - Grant County Sheriff's Department
There are many county or local government employees don't realize that once they become employees of the government, their free speech rights can become restricted. The courts have issued many landmark cases on this issue, many of them are covered in this training.  Because many government employees don’t understand their restricted free speech rights, social media becomes their downfall.  This training covers the various types of social media, some of the inherent flaws of them, the repercussions for posting stuff on social media and tips on what to post, using real world examples such as photos, videos and news stories to illustrate various concepts.
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