Sunday - May 14th - Pre-Conference Session
It's Your Turn to Suit-Up!

As Telecommunicators we work with multiple agencies all having different functions.  We take the calls, decide what is needed and send them out.  We know what we do, but what exactly do THEY do?


Today is the day you walk in their shoes.


-   ERT:  You pull up fast, jump out and search.  Can you tell if they are good guys or bad guys?  Can you secure the scene without getting hit?


-   Hazardous Materials:  You put on the gear, but can you find the problem?  Can you fix it? If you get the stuff on you, can you get it off?


-   Incident Command Post:  Really….what DO they do?


-   Fire:  So much gear and 2 minutes to be ready, can you do it?  Can you find someone when the smoke is thick?  What if something is in your way?  For those who are brave, what if you have to come down…….FAST?


-   EMS:  How do they get them out of the car?  Are they ok?  Can you save them?  Full code, what does it mean and how hard is it?

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