Programs & Policies:
     Handling a Missing Child Call
       Paul Logan

Imagine you’re on duty when the call for a missing child comes in.  You work hard to calm a frantic parent while sending units to the scene.  What information do you need to gather? What are the most important steps, and what help/resources may be available?


Wisconsin’s Amber Alert program began in 2003, and has been successful in helping with the safe recovery of numerous missing children.
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     Peer Support Teams - How & Why
       Candy King & Kelly Epstein
Peer Support teams are formed to help dispatchers, law enforcement and other emergency services personnel as a means to help them effectively cope with stress encountered in their professional and/or personal lives.  Everyone’s personal experiences can impact their mental and physical health and by having a peer support team, it can provide a way for employees to “work out” their problems with co-workers who understand and want to help.  A peer support team program strives to change the belief that seeking help is a sign of weakness, rather the strength it takes to admit when help is needed, and to have someone who truly understands how to help.  This session further describes the benefits of having a peer support team and provides a template of how to establish one.
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